My name is Theresa Wildsmith. I got my Batchelor of Arts Degree in Ceramics in the UK a couple of years ago and moved this year to a new life in France where I can actually start to make stuff. Living the Dream!

At the moment my passion is quirky chuckens. These came from being cooped up at home alone, or almost alone, I had my cat for company. The Coronna Virus and lockdown decided to happen about 4 weeks after my move to France. I was lucky enough to have had my kiln installed the day before lockdown started so I at least had something to do. The chickens came about from being *cooped up* and starting to feel kind of crazy. 

Next year I am hoping that the world will be in a better place and I will be able to offer ceramic holidays. So watch this space.

If you are interested in one of my bright cheerful chucks, to brighten your window sill or garden, I will make to order.